Our PVC Banners are perfect for both indoor and outdoor signs and can be printed to huge sizes. We print onto 440gsm, scratch / tear / fade resistant material, the print is fully customised using eco-friendly solvent inks for fully waterproof banners. HD printing as standard and all PVC banners come with welded hems with silver nickel eyelets.


Flat cut letters are created in thicknesses from 3mm to 10mm with cut or polished edges. We have a wide range of colours from brands including Perspex and Plexiglass and custom finishes such as frosted, fluorescent, pearl and metallic acrylics. Fixing locators and templates are supplied as standard with all acrylic flat cut letters from Dock Street Signs to help guide accurate installation.


Also known as a biscuit tin lid, sign tray panels are created in the lightweight aluminium composite material, Dibond. Our Dibond sign tray panels are available in a variety of standard colours,and are cut to exact sizes as specified by clients. Features such as built-up letters, flat cut letters and vinyl detail are added to create effective shop signs.


Dock Street Signs can combine our Acrylic Letters with illumination. Each letter is created by embedding acrylic with thermally managed LEDs to deliver a robust and evenly lit letter that runs cool to touch. There are a choice of illumination effects, such as face, halo, and side illumination. LED colour options include cool white, warm white, red, green, yellow, orange, blue and RGB (colour-changing).


We can produce hanging signs using a range of methods and materials. Cast Iron and metal signs can be used to give a classic or old feel, whilst steel rods and flag material can be used for a modern look. The signs can be mounted or suspended using chains, brackets or other methods. We can also use lighting to illuminate the sign.


Post mounted signs provide an attractive signage solution for landmark points, estate branding or to create directional and way-finding signage for industrial and retail parks.


Our Monolith signs are tall, slim signs commonly used as building entrance signage or leisure and retail park entrance signage. They can be made in a variety of styles and heights and illumination can be added. The monoliths are constructed of aluminium, can be designed front and back and can be made flat or convex in profile.


At Dock Street Signs we have a variety of pavement signs available to promote your business or event. Solid Aluminium A-Frames as well as flexible signs secured into the base unit.