The New Pavillion – A Walk Through Time

Art is said to tell one hundred thousand stories without saying a word. We are surrounded by the most beautiful art pieces in the world, on walls and alleyways unknown to us and by illustrations that retell forgotten stories of places and times gone by. Artists are those who with a brushstroke reenact time as it once was.

Ekaterina Sheath is a visual storyteller, and we at Dock Street Signs have collaborated with her community illustration project. We assisted by producing and installing Aluminium Composite Panels adorned with Ekaterina’s designs onto the windows of the New Pavilion.

The project was commissioned by Leeds City Council and Morley Town Council, as part of Morley Towns Fund, to revive The New Pavillion which has been a prominent building in Morley since 1911. 

Ekaterina Sheath – About The Artist

Ekaterina Sheath is a student of visual arts pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Illustration at the Leeds Arts University. She is a passionate art enthusiast who perceives illustration as a way to celebrate untold stories and as an instrument to preserve local spaces as cultural assets.

Ekaterina works with organisations and international clients to deliver engaging, relevant, colourful illustrations reflecting history and education.

The New Pavilion – A Brief History

The New Pavilion has been the heart of entertainment in Morley since 1911 with one of the earliest acts to grace the stage being Vulcana the Strongwoman and her partner Atlas. A feminist icon of her time, Vulcana championed exercise for women and lobbied against restrictive corsets. With just one hand, she could lift a man!

In 1938, 12-year-old Ernie Wise, later of comedy duo Morecambe and Wise, delighted Morley audiences with his tap dancing and jokes.

In the 1950s, the theatre became a cinema, full of youngsters and couples watching Roy Rogers movies. It was an era of smoking indoors, couples ‘courting’ in the back row, and cheeky children tucking into ice cream. On the way home, they enjoyed fish and chips as a special treat for tea.

The cinema transformed into First Star Bingo in 1968 and later Walker’s Bingo in 1984. The hall was alive with calls of “Two Little Ducks” and “Cup of Tea” for over 20 years.

In 1990 the building became the After Dark nightclub, which hosted world-famous Orbit techno nights. At its peak, Orbit was on a par with the Berlin scene and attracted star DJs and clubbers from across the country.

The New Pavilion’s final chapter was as an Italian restaurant that closed in 2009.

The Aim Behind the Design

The primary aim of Ekaterina was to bring out the untold history of the New Pavilion building and help the youth connect with it. Along with that, she tried to portray the unturned pages of nostalgia that surround the unused building.

Her colourful and quirky illustrations of a ripped cinema ticket, a couple in love at the cinema, a little child’s head peeping at Grandma’s bingo card are all snippets of stories and details shared by the community of Morley.

The abstract-shaped figures depict the stained-glass windows, ornate gates, and the sculpted facades of this epitome of entertainment and culture. However, the front entrance and the windows of the distant sides depict the present days’ Morley blending past and present together in colours.


What Should You Consider Before Designing a Sign?

Although many are surprised, signage still is, and will continue to be for years to come, one of the most powerful tools for a business. Why is it so important?

Because brands are now primarily present online, the physical presence of a billboard or poster makes the business real. It’s a powerful reinforcement of all the messages presented online that contributes massively to the brand’s reputation and perceived value.

What Should You Consider Before Designing a Sign?

There are three things you need to take into account before designing a sign: placement, aesthetics, and message, in this specific order.

You can design the most amazing sign – if you don’t find the right place to display it, none of the people who would react to it will get to see it.

Then again, let’s say you found the right display spot, but the colour contrast is poor. This is where you lost them.

At last, you found the right display spot; the graphics are on point, but the message is unclear. They may get confused or even frustrated with your signage, especially if it’s a product or service they’re interested in buying.

But once you set the location, take care of the aesthetics and create a compelling message, you’ve won them.

For each aspect there are a few things you should consider for best results:

1. Placement

Is your message best received as an outdoor sign (billboard, sandwich board, banner, etc.) or as in indoor sign (poster, wall or window vinyl, etc.)?

Outdoor signs have a higher damage risk, due to various weather conditions, so you will need to choose high quality materials to ensure the sign remains attractive to potential customers for months or even years. For signs exposed to constant sunlight, a UV protection film is recommended, so the colours don’t wear out after a few weeks.

Another thing to consider is the customer’s viewpoint. Do they have enough time to stop and stare? Is it a billboard on the road outside the city? How many seconds do you have to draw their attention and interest? This will help you determine the best possible height for your signage.

2. Aesthetics

The biggest part of a sign’s aesthetics stands in the colour contrast, the graphics and the quality of the materials. A chipping sign can draw customers away from the business, because they will associate it with the quality of the service received. Graphics that are not fit to scale or a tiring colour contrast like purple and yellow are also a big no-no for any sign.

3. Message

Keep it as simple as possible. The purpose of a sign is not to close the sale, but to open it. Give them the brief information they need to enter your store or your website, then make sure they get what they need.

If you need help with designing or installing your signage, call us at 01 13 898 0340. A member of our team will gladly help you with advice, quotes, and general questions. For complex inquiries, you can also contact us via the contact form on our website.

Attractive Interior Signage Ideas

You’d like to change a few things in the office, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you got a brand makeover and the old décor no longer suits the new image of the business? Whether you’re starting a marketing campaign or just want to revamp the office, here are a few ideas for new interior signage that will attract your customers or visitors right in.

1. Create Stories with Window Vinyl

Window vinyls are one of the most useful and simple tools you can use to draw customers inside your shop or to keep an upbeat mood among your employees. Businesses from all over the world have used vinyl to decorate outside glass walls for years, and, when done right, they can speak volume about what you have to offer.

If the glass wall is large enough, you can take it up a notch and create a series of printed sheets that tell a story. This concept is most commonly used in marketing campaigns that last for an entire season or to emphasise the benefits of customers, but the number of stories that can be created are endless.

2. Make Your Business Stand Out with a Statement Wall

From high-resolution photos to breathtaking scenery, statement walls can be used in all types of businesses, from spas to local stores. All you need to do is choose the design that suits the space and have it printed and attached. Because the vinyl sheet is only 100 microns thick, the difference between the wall and the design is invisible to the naked eye. When applied correctly, it can last up to 5 years or more, if laminated.

3. Apply Foamex Signs Instead of Hanging Pictures

Thanks to the UV inks that we’re using, Foamex signs can last for years and look just as new. They can also be treated to add protection against scratches, extending their lifespan. From posters to safety signs and exhibition panels, Foamex sheeting is a versatile option that will meet almost any of your needs.

Although thickness can vary from 3 to 10 mm, it is so lightweight you can attach it to the wall using double-sided tape or even Velcro.

4. Animate the Floor

While one’s eyes are used to-and expect to-see different types of signage on walls or windows, using the floor as signage display is something that can quickly draw one’s attention. Whether you choose to decorate the stairs, to fix some Follow Me footsteps or to use it as a way to interact with the customers throughout the store, from a greeting message at the door to a thank-you message at the counter, animating the floor with printed vinyl can really put your business in the customer’s heart.

Looking forward to changing the décor? Our team of designers and specialists will help you create and install the best suited signs for your business. You can reach out to us via the contact form on our website or via phone (0113 898 0340).

Signage Doesn’t Always Mean Shop Fronts

Signage can be a great way to advertise for a business, but there’s much more to it, leaving aside bringing people into a store. From decorative wall vinyl in a children’s bedroom to the safety signs that inform you about a wet floor, signage is used for many other purposes. Read on to find how you can use it, besides as a way to advertise your offers.

What Is the Purpose of Signage?

Signage is heavily used in advertising – and for all the right reasons. But how else can you make use of it? In general, signs can be used for one of the following purposes:

  • To provide information – think interpretive signs used in museums or galleries, that inform about the exhibits.
  • To give direction – it’s the sign displayed at the entrance of almost any office building or hospital that guides you about the services you can find at each floor, room, and whether you can find them on your left or right.
  • To help identify items – the restroom signs or the room numbers in hotels fall within this category.
  • To provide safety – any warning sign that conveys information about how should you proceed in a potentially harmful situation, starting with handling a wet floor and up to instruction panels in case of earthquakes or other similar hazards.
  • To help with navigation – for instance, the exit signs placed above doors or the arrows that guide the way through to exit are considered navigation signage.

What Other Types of Signage Can I Use?

1. Wall Vinyl

Wall vinyl is widely used for decoration or advertising in a creative way. Whether you choose them for your office or shop, they are easy to install on any smooth surface. Depending on the purpose of the vinyl, the decoration can be temporary or permanent, as the average lifespan of a printed vinyl is from 3 to 5 years.

2. Directory Signs

If you’re running a store, directory signs are a good way to keep customers engaged and eager to come visit you again and again. You may find it hard to believe, but the truth is no one likes to walk around the entire shop for ages, trying to guess where the item they need might be. This is when directory signs save your customers time and your business money. On the same note, they can also be used for public buildings, such as schools or libraries, to help guests find their way without wasting their time and patience.

3. Safety or Regulatory Signs

“Wet paint. Do not touch” or “Caution! Wet floor.” These signs draw attention to a possible unpleasant mishap and tell you how to proceed to avoid it from happening. In simpler words, these signs are meant to create a safe environment, where no incidents occurs. Think building sites.
All the regulations for entering the site are clearly stated on a safety sign: Safety helmets must be worn or Unauthorised entry to this site is strictly prohibited. This type of messages were purposed at preventing unwanted accidents.

4. Foamex Signs

Foamex can be used for both indoor and outdoor signage and is the upgraded version of posters or other informative signs. Whether you just want to print a painting and hang it on a wall, or you want to display the core of your business somewhere in the office, foamex signs are commonly used as exhibition panels.

When Did You Last Refresh Your Signage

Just like any other marketing material signage, too, needs to be refreshed from time to time. Whether we’re talking about an entire business image make-over or just a minor change in your offers, make sure your signage design reflects the best of your business today.

To help cast some light over the importance of fresh signage, our team at Dock Street Signs has come up with 5 reasons why you shouldn’t overlook it.

  1. It keeps people engaged

If you walk by the same billboard every day, in a few weeks–at best–you’ll stop noticing it. The same happens with your clients and prospects as well. This doesn’t mean you should refresh it every day. Depending on the type of signage, you can keep it displayed for a few weeks up to a few months. Vinyl and posters can be refreshed every month, while a billboard ad can stay up and running for as much as six months, depending on its location.

  1. It’s proof that your brand is connected to real life

We’re living in a fast world and businesses make no exception. Every marketing material is a message to clients and prospects. It’s the way a business presents itself to people and convinces them that their solutions are the best. In this case, outdated signage design can send the wrong message to your customers. How can they be sure that your offer is best suited for what they want to buy if their first contact with you is through obsolete signage?

  1. It helps you send the right message

Maybe there’s a new offer that doesn’t perform as expected–make use of signage to promote it. Or maybe you’ve made some changes in the brand image. Or people don’t walk in into your store as much as they used to. All of these are reasons to ditch the old signage and display one that reflects the present identity of your brand.

  1. Fresh signage design can save you money

Replacing neon signs with LED lights can save your business money in the short term but also in the long term. They last longer, produce a brighter light and they’re friendlier to the environment. They require less energy and have no toxic components. They also have a better quality light distribution, as light is focused only in one direction, not all around the bulb.

  1. It is low-cost and low-maintenance

Compared to other marketing strategies, signage doesn’t require a consistent budget that can put you out of business. By keeping it updated, you increase your chances of getting enough customers regularly so that you won’t be needed to invest skyrocketing amounts into other forms of marketing.

Are you ready for a signage design make-over? If you need help with choosing the right type of signage for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Dock Street Signage. They’ll help you with everything you need.

10 Window And Wall Vinyl Facts That Can Help You Bring In More Customers

There are different ways to make your business stand out. From outdoor and indoor signs to window and wall vinyls and everything in between. Although many businesses tend to go for signage such as banners and Dibond signs, another cool way to make your shop stand out is to use cut out vinyls, printed vinyls or even etched vinyls. Our team at Dock Street Signs has put together a list of 10 window and wall vinyl facts to help business owners understand more on how using vinyls can help with their marketing strategy.

  1. Vinyl is a plastic film with a self-adhesive backing and it comes in different colours and finishes such as gloss, transparent, matt, metallic and more. It can be used inside or outside and on any surface including walls, windows, cupboards, shop fronts etc.
  2. Vinyl normally lasts between 3 and 5 years depending on conditions. Their life span depends on if they’re used inside or outside, as well as extreme heat or cold or other weather conditions.
  3. Vinyl is cost effective and they can be bought in bulk or individually. Vinyl tends to also be cheaper than any other type of signage
  4. They can be customised by colour, design and size to fit any requirements.
  5. Using vinyl is a quick solution to your marketing strategy. Normal signage can take up to a few weeks to be produced, unlike vinyl, which can be ready in a couple of days.
  6. Window and wall vinyls are versatile which means they can be used for a variety of businesses from book shops and retail to coffee shops and more.
  7. They offer great visibility and that makes them very effective as part of a marketing strategy. Placement is key so make sure the vinyls are big enough and in easy to see spots.
  8. You can customise them with your business’s logo design to reinforce the branding and grab the attention of possible new customers.
  9. Vinyl design should be bold, concise and simple, as most people only spend a few seconds reading a sign.
  10. There are plenty of options to choose from. Cut out vinyls are good for logos in shop windows, opening times and more; printed vinyls can be used on walls, windows and any smooth surfaces; whilst etched vinyls let light in whilst maintaining a bit of privacy.


If your business needs a revamp or just a bit of help in the marketing department, don’t hesitate to order some vinyl banners. They can save you money, they last a long time and they’re easily moulded to your brands needs.

10 Top Tips for Attractive Shop Signage

Despite the online trend that caught most businesses, shop signage is still a powerful tool that can help you increase your sales. How else will your potential customers find out about and visit your store if not with the right signage that grabs their attention?

Our team at Dock Street put together a list of 10 top tips to help you make your signage stand up.

  1. Make it Visible

The sign you choose needs to be clean and simple. Because people rarely spend more than 5 seconds trying to read a signage, placement is also very important. Make sure the sign is visible at all times and seasons, and trees don’t cover it during spring and summer, for instance.

  1. Work on Readability

The letters should be big enough to be seen from the distance with a clear and legible depiction.

  1. Be Aware of Local Restrictions and other Signage

Before installing your brand new sign, take a look around and check the other signage installed. If you want to stand out, pick a different form, height or colour, and don’t forget to consult the local restrictions, if there are any.

  1. Illuminate Your Sign

A sign that’s well lit can attract customers even at night time. Even if the store is closed, the prospects will remember it the next time they pass by and they will be more likely to visit the store.

  1. Work with Built up Letters or Shapes

The typical Stop Here signs hardly ever work anymore. In relief signage can easily catch the glance of those passing by, and even convince them to enter it.

  1. Use window vinyl

Window vinyl is a great tool to display the offers that are currently running or the opening times.

  1. Be creative

Except for a few domains that require formal communication, marketing is about creativity. Communicate your message differently by painting the façade or one of the walls with the signage you want.

  1. Use the psychology of colours

If your brand is already known in the area, you can use the brand colours to draw attention to your sign. Otherwise, use the colours that match the message you want to send. For example, red is a common colour used for limited offers.

  1. And don’t forget about contrast

An engaging sign is easy to spot and read, and contrast helps with both. You can use dark letters and details on a light background, or vice versa.

  1. Pay attention to the material used

Do you want to be known  as an eco-friendly brand?  . No matter what it is you choose – a pavement sign, a banner, a wall vinyl – make sure it stands out from the crowd.

In conclusion, shop signage is still a powerful tool that brings you the leads you want. If you need help with designing, making and installing the right signage for your business, we’re here to help you.

Growlers Internal & External Signage

We were delighted to be working with one of our long-term customers again on her latest project, Growlers in Headingley, Leeds. The concept is a proper craft-beer shop with deliveries, tasting sessions and of course the infamous Growler (be careful if you Google this as there are a couple of definitions!).

King Koby Signage

As their business has gone from strength to strength, the institution that is King Koby needed an additional venue to cater for the demand. The boys from King Koby approached us to sort out all signage for their new shop above Denham in Leeds City Centre. With a full window front and full tiled wall, we had two great canvases to work with to show off Koby’s strong brand. For the window vinyl, we reverse cut the logo out of black vinyl and used a bronze vinyl as the outline of the letters for more impact. The logo was then surrounded by various shapes and emblems that represent the King Koby Culture.

Window Vinyl Leeds

On the inside of the shop there was a full white-walled tile that was screaming out for some contrasting black vinyl on there. We used a special type of vinyl here which contours to ridges and curves. The end result was strong, with KING KOBY GLORY DAYS displayed proudly.

signs in leeds

We thoroughly enjoyed working with King Koby, a great bunch of lads who are clearly passionate about their work and the brand. To read more about the King Koby story and see what they do, visit

If you are looking for signs in Leeds, window vinyl or interior signage, browse our website or email us –

Internal Office Signage

We recently worked with Rewards Gateway on brand new internal signage in their Birmingham Office. The guys had a clear idea of how they wanted their branding and company message communicated across the office and asked Dock Street Signs to manufacture and install the signage. We used a mixture of printed vinyl which was matt laminated, cut vinyl and etched vinyl. See our gallery below –

As you can see from the photos, printed vinyl on a full wall can have a great visual impact, it’s eye-catching and emphasises the brand values to everyone who walks past. We provide our wall vinyl with a Matt Lamination as standard – this helps protect it from scratches and marks from passing traffic.

Rewards Gateway also chose etched vinyl for their meeting rooms and entrance. Also known as frosted vinyl, it’s a great option for naming rooms, decoration and for safety. Because it still lets light through, etched vinyl is also great for full window coverage to provide privacy where needed.

Finally, we used cut vinyl to produce an inspirational quote on one of the walls in the office, this is a great option where you don’t want full wall coverage or have a painted wall.

If you would like to find out more about internal office signage, visit our product page – Etched Vinyl, Cut Vinyl, Printed Vinyl or get in touch – 0113 3226442 or